Core Capabilities




Format Flexibility


Our capabilities in handling multi-store format allows for flexibility to cater to market environment, space availability and economic realities. It also paves the way to meet and adapt to different customer demands. The structure for the store formats is basically three tiered:  (1) Hypermarkets : Large format stores of 8,000 to 14,000 sq metres of retail space offering 65,000 SKUs. (2) Supermarkets : Medium format stores catering 1500 to 3500 sq metres and offering 15,000 t0 20,000 SKUs. (3) Convenience Stores: Within reach corner shops used by customers for their daily needs 150 to 500 sq metres and offering 2000 SKUs

A world-class experience Retail Arabia is committed to providing a superior shopping experience through a variety of stimulants : In-store ambience Bright and evocative, colours and smells juxtaposed to appeal to the senses. Wider aisles and more space to make shopping fun Signages that provide a wealth of information to educate customers. Customer service and loyalty programs that will bring forth customer delight.