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Le Marche means quite simply the 'The Market' in French.

Le Marche Supermarkets combine French flair with world-class shopping standards in convenient locations. In fact, Le Marche is stepping in where there is a niche, to meet the growing needs of residents and communities. The first Le Marche Supermarket in the region opened its doors in Dubai in the Arabian Ranches, a mega residential community in the new Dubai neighbourhood.

The opening of Le Marche Supermarket at Sitra in Bahrain in March 2006, fulfilled the need for a store-next-door for the residents of Sitra. Located right at the end of the causeway taking people from Bahrain to Sitra, Le Marche is a convenient shopping stop.




Last Chance Supermarkets

Originally started as convenience markets/ discount stores, they were later transformed into supermarkets with the advent of supermarkets era in Bahrain. The first of these three supermarkets was started in Manama followed by Muharraq and Isa Town.



GulfMart Supermarket

With the desire of serving Kuwaiti customers, GulfMart supermarkets were first set up in 1999 to offer value oriented deals throughout the year. This serves not to just attract customers but also to help customers shop economically in accordance to their daily budgets. The GulfMart one stop stores are conveniently located throughout Kuwait city.